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Over-the-knee boots for women are a bold style but definitely not one to ignore. Although nailing this look may seem like a tall order (pun intended), these boots are actually a very versatile style to add to your wardrobe. And if worn in a variety of ways, women's over-the-knee boots can easily accommodate the changing weather from fall into winter and back into spring.

Let’s start with a bare-legged look that can be worn for early fall or during the springtime. Thigh-high boots can be worn without tights, just keep the gap from hemline to boot at 5 inches or less to keep the look classy. We love them with a dress and just can’t get enough of the height contrast between the extra tall boot and the short(ish) hemline. Many of these styles have a tie at the back for a customizable fit and to ensure these boots won’t slouch down when worn without tights or pants.

As the weather begins to change in late fall and into winter, women's over-the-knee boots can be worn easily with skinny jeans or leggings. These boots have lots of stretch, so they can slip on over slim-fitting pants and still have enough give so that you can bend at the knees. When worn with jeans or leggings, these tall shaft boots are topped perfectly with an oversized sweater or even a poncho. This creates a nice play on contrast with the slim pant juxtaposing the voluminous top. Make a statement today with a fresh pair of over-the-knee boots for women!